Google Glass: Existing for Everyone in Us for Limited Time

There is big news announced by Google that Google Glass will available to buy in US for everyone from today 14-April-2014. But everyone who lives outside the US can’t buy Google said sorry for that in a post. It’s a fantastic device and almost every one waiting for this and finally it’s available. Cost of

Top 5 Killer iPhone App Development Tips for Beginners

At the current time  iphone app development has growing up as one of the most successful field to make a bright career. We can see the use of iPhone, ipads & other iOS device is increased every day and because of that demand of iOS developers automatically increased. If you really have a dream to

Heart Bleed Virus Update: How to Protect Your Secretive Data

  All internet users always worried about their online private data such as password, bank account details and other secure data. All we need to protect our secrete data from the attack of any virus. All we are facing the computer bug from two years but didn’t recognize it. Two days ago the security researchers

Features of Samsung Galaxy S5 – Everyone Need to Know

Today Mobile Phone is most important part of over life style. Among all other devices Android Smartphone are continued to make their grip stronger in Smartphone world. AS the use of Android phone android app development is also increased as compare to past few years. As per the recent news world’s largest mobile company Samsung

Top 5 Android Smartphone under RS 20000 with Advance Features

Today Smartphone become a most important part of our life, even we can’t imagine our life without mobile phone. In year 0f 2014 lots of Smartphone are launched by different companies. Everyone wants to have their own latest mobile phone but they confused about its price features and many more.  It’s obvious thing that everyone

How iPhone changed People’s Lifestyle Since its Launch

As we all know that Smartphone is become handy device for all of us. Almost our task should completed by our Smartphone. Apple, world’s largest company always launched advance featured Smartphone called “iPhone”. It’s become the most important part of our life since it’s launch. Our lifestyle is totally due to inwards of this small