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The biggest internet giant in the world “Google” announced on 23rd of November about its latest update which is very good news for all the Android developers. The major update for the android studio was done on the IDE that is the Integrated Development Environment used for developing the android games and app. The main

Top 5 Battery Saving Tips to Enjoy the Most of Your Smartphone

The batteries of smartphones can’t last forever but sure it can last for a long time if used with proper care and attention which can help you get the power of using all the features of your smartphone as long as possible. Getting your phone charged properly is very important to maintain the proper health

Top 5 Tips to Design Mobile Site and Build a Friendly Website

As you all know that in the last few years there has been tremendous growth in the development and the usage of mobile devices. According to an analysis it was seen that people use the social and digital media on mobile devices much more than in pc’s n laptops. The ratio between them was about

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One of the biggest advancements in the modern times has been the development in the mobile technology especially in the last few years with the invention of smartphones. We have now gigabytes of memory in our mobile phones and can send and check e-mail in it and we don’t feel too surprising about this fact

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The mobile technology has reached sky high now and has totally changed the way customers interact with their business requirements. With the help of mobile devices and apps in it the customers can now don’t need to switch on their laptops or PC to search for their required product or the company. The increasing use

Top 5 Helpful Tips for App Marketing to Create User Engagement

First thing that you need to know about app building is that building one is not enough. Because the main part of an app development begins once it has been built that is the marketing part. So if you want your app to stand out amongst millions of different apps in the major app stores