Read all the features of Android N that you need to know

Google revealed the official name for Android N is going to be Android Nougat & is released on August 2016. Android N also adds important new features to help keep users safe & more secure. The below given are some top features of Android Nougat: 1) Multi Window: Android N is the ability to run

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Are you waiting for your app to be approved by the app store or are you finished with you app and now you are going to upload it to the app store to get it published? Then there are certain things that you must know before you go for that procedure. Getting an app published

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There are certain games now which are highly complex strategy games where we can see a trace of AI in its programming. The Artificial intelligence is becoming a conventional for the application building. Certain services in the mobile devices like the Siri, Pandora or Netflix shows us how the AI is developing fast and improving

Latest App Development Tips to Get Your App Loved by all Users

With thousands of mobile apps being uploaded daily onto the app stores the mobile apps are dominating the world with the new release and rise of smartphones and tablets making it is very easy to get lost in the deep sea of apps. Retaining a good spot, loyal users and their engagement in the app

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How will the future look like? This is one of the biggest questions that arise into the minds of most of the people now as we all are having high impact of technology in our lives. Even though it is really hard to predict the architecture of future it is surely possible to make some

Top 4 Most Common App Development Mistakes that You Must Avoid

Developing an app is always very beneficial for a meaningful purpose that it is being built for but sometimes even the tiniest mistake can lead the app to lose all the valuable time and money that you have spent for its development. Do you have an idea like “Flappy bird game” or the “Ever note”