Top 5 Benefits of Using Mobile Technology for the Education

It would be one of the best decisions to bring the mobile technology into the classrooms and into almost all the technological fields. There are a huge number of educational field who are actively participating in the revolution of the mobile technology making the students more and more familiar with the emerging trend of it.

Know the Probable Features for the Future of Android OS

It was 7 years ago on 2008 when the first Android powered mobile was released to the market. Google had also announced their Google chrome browser and we also witnessed the first mobile having the Android OS in the T-Mobile G1 by HTC. The android technology we use today is much ahead and highly developed

Android M: All The Latest Features and News You Need to Know

A whole lot of great new features fixing all the bugs were added to the Android M by the developers in the preview 2 launched in the early July. This includes the option to customize the status bar and many other important specifications. Have a look at all the notable new features and everything you

Bluetooth Low Energy Technology by Google will Boost App Development

In the latest effort to challenge the Apple’s iBeacon ecosystem Google has teamed up to develop a new open format Bluetooth low energy (BLE) technology which was to inspire the developers to build apps for the beacons to communicate with the devices. This includes an open beacon format, tools and APIs which can be used

Benefits of Mobile Apps: How it is Making Our Life Easier

    In this world with continuous development of mobile technology, it has gradually become one of the most important parts of our life. But the apps used in the mobile phones are the main attraction in it because of which the people love to have a smartphone in their life. There was a time

Android Apps Development Business with New OS Version Android L

As the release of new operating system all of we want to grasp it because definitely it has been arrived with new features. Google recently released the Android L for better Android Apps development  if you have a growing app development business then, it’s necessary to influence the features of new technology. Recommend >> Follow