Top 4 Most Common App Development Mistakes that You Must Avoid

Developing an app is always very beneficial for a meaningful purpose that it is being built for but sometimes even the tiniest mistake can lead the app to lose all the valuable time and money that you have spent for its development. Do you have an idea like “Flappy bird game” or the “Ever note”

5 New Security Threats That You Probably Never Knew About

The mobile apps being now very much popularly used around the world now and along with that the security and the cyber-attacks are also increasing along with it. The mobile communications are now an important part of everyone’s life personal or professional and with the growth of mobile usage so have the security threat for

Read Some Latest iOS 9 News and the Hidden Features In It

The iOS 9 has arrived and has brought with it some amazing features in it which includes powerful editing, a lower power mode button, a back button, more convenient voice messaging and much more. Now the user can even open to the third party keyboard apps which will enable it to integrate the touch ID

Read All You need to Know About the Latest Android N

We get to see a new android OS update every year and in 2016 we can be pretty sure that Google will be announcing the release of Android N and by next year we will be seeing it on almost all the latest android Phones and tablets. The preview of Android N is already out

Learn the latest app marketing strategies and trends of 2016

Even before you have your morning coffee the first thing you do is check 2 to 3 apps in your smartphone like the news app, social media app or some messaging apps etc. The apps have now become a part of our life with all the necessary apps related to our daily tasks and necessities

Know How Mobile App for Business can Improve Your Sales & Revenue

The smartphones are now in our hands and also in our pockets now. This means that we have an access to unlimited source of information from around the world and can get connected with anyone at any corner of the world. This new benefit due to the smartphone gave a rise to the business marketing