How To Prevent Breaking Apple’s Guidelines As An iPhone Developer

How To Prevent Breaking Apple’s Guidelines As An iPhone Developer
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You’ve invested the last several weeks on determining what type of application to go with, you’ve selected your design, and you’ve even began on programming. You’re about midway done, when you read a piece of news on how thousands of iPhone app developers get their applications declined every year. Now, you’re beginning to fear about your own project. Will it be approved? How can you prevent having your effort go to waste?

As someone who has dwelled in iPhone application development for a while, my guidance would be to not take threats, and just hire an outstanding expert iPhone developer. A team like Arth I-Soft’s iPhone App Developers would do an excellent job at an affordable cost. However, if you would like to try your fortune anyway, here are some ideas on the topic.
iPhone App DevelopmentMatch your icons – This is not to be taken gently. Actually, even the iTunes Store now has to modify its icons to suit the 57×57 ones on the iPhone. Even though there is no discuss of this in the Human Interface Guidelines (HIG), the regrettable reality is that since you’re using Apple, you have to stick with their way.

Unique buttons – In some situations, Apple will allow use of its own picture for features that are identical, however this is a very complex problem. The best factor to do is just customized create your own control buttons for your app.

API breach – Apple does not allow applications to use Personal APIs, so if you are using them at all, make sure to study the developer guidelines well before applying them. However, better your sight may skip important details, but Apple’s rule scanning device won’t, so adhere to common API’s.

Pop the popovers – iPhone development guidelines condition that only one popover can be proven at any once, so prevent starting popovers within popovers.

Humorous problems – You or I may discover it enjoyable to use graphics like a damaged display or an error message in our applications, but Apple won’t be thus humored. Anything that creates iPhones look like they are unable will get your app refused.

Try these techniques out and you’re assured (well, 99%) to have your app accepted!

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