Highly spacious and friendly infrastructure facility at Arthisoft.
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Infrastructure & Work Enviroment

The infrastructure is very important for the success of any IT industry which is also one of the major reasons for the development of Arth-I-Soft. Proper infrastructure and design of the buildings are very necessary for a systematic and a perfect work development from the employees. We have taken proper care of all the important requirements of the infrastructure for the employees.

Infrastructure benefits that Arth I-Soft offer
  • Team based division of work space for all the employees.
  • Telephone system available for all the employees to make the communication easier between different teams.
  • The flow of work is constantly monitored by the administration to maintain the constantly developing stream of work.
  • High speed internet connection for all the computers on CAT 6 Cable.
  • Round the clock CCTV camera surveillance to ensure complete security of the data.
  • Substitute PC hardware is always available in case of any form of malfunction.
  • Anti-virus and firewall system to protect from any kind of cyber-attack.
  • Special conference room for team meeting and discussion of the projects with video conferencing facility for easy communication with other team members. delivery
Hardware & Software
  • Development arena surfaced with genuine license software
  • All workstation have 8 GB RAM
  • Perceptively laid workstations and employee-friendly task labs
  • Ample storage facility with complete security and backup
Server Network
  • 1 Mail server
  • 1 Web server
  • Proxy Server with site access control for internet sharing

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