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Meet Our Team

  • Siddharth Panchal

    Siddharth Panchal is Director of Arth-I-Soft which is a leading mobile app and development company providing the best mobile apps, games and web applications and solutions. His experience includes being a software developer, MobileApp/web developer in the past. He is a decent Businessperson, also interested in reading & writing about technology as well as other informative stuffs.

  • Swati Panchal
    Managing Director

    Swati Panchal is the Co-founder and the Managing Director of the leading mobile app, game and web development company Arthisoft offering wide range of technological services all across the globe. Her experience includes being graphic designer in the past and she has been a part of many top companies before starting one of her own. She is being recognized as an inspiring and successful women entrepreneur. She loves reading technological stuff and to bring innovative ideas into a reality.

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Key Team Members

  • Nikhil Khoda
    Project Manager
  • Brijesh Chopda
    Project Manager
  • Smit Mankad
    Project Manager
  • Madhuri Barochiya
    Project Manager
    Cocoa Development
  • Ansuya Ghosh