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Career at Arth I Soft

Arth-I-Soft encourages a culture of excellence with a strong 150+ employee power totally dedicated to their work. We motivate and continuously struggle towards the development of the employee. You will be exposed to lot of opportunities when you join our team. The employees are divided into different groups and are trained accordingly helping them find their silver lining and give out their best performance.


We believe that “Knowledge helps in creating imagination and imagination is the perfect sign of intelligence”.

Excellence is an attitude which is achieved by continuous efforts and there is no short cut to it

Opportunity is always near you and everywhere, you just need to work hard for it.

Success is the combination of great knowledge, excellence, hard work and dedication to one's job

Why you should join Arth I-Soft ?

  • If you believe you have hidden talent and just need a platform to prove yourself in front of the world.
  • If you are searching for a long term career in a firm company.
  • If you believe in perfection and great quality of work.
  • If you strive to learn and master the latest tools in different field of technologies

Current Opeanings

  • Sound Engineer

    Job Description: Sound Engineer/Technician(s) are required to assemble, operate and maintain the technical equipment used to record, amplify, enhance, mix or reproduce sound. They need to identify the sound requirements for a given task or situation and perform the appropriate actions to produce this sound

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  • Game / Graphic Designer

    A graphic designer is responsible for creating design solutions that have a high visual impact. The role involves listening to clients and understanding their needs before making design decisions

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  • 2D Animators

    2D animators focus on creating characters, backgrounds, and scene transitions, bringing creative ideas and concepts to life. Job duties of 2D animators revolve around designing and producing images; they include: Producing special effects and action graphics.

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  • Script Writer /Content Writer

    We are looking for a quick learner that can multitask and perform projects under tight deadlines. You need to be able to work under little supervision and be a team player. We are a fast paced IT company and on the cutting edge of technology.

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  • Business Developemt Executive

    Position: Business Development Executive A Business Developer works to grow a company’s profits through attracting new customers and by increasing the spending of existing customers. Most important purpose of this position is to achieve targeted levels of sales.

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