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Script Writer /Content Writer

Experience : 2, Shift : Day Shift, Involvment: Full TIme, Vacancy: 2, Salary : Best as per industry

Job Description

Urgent Requirment For Script Writer (Full Time)



Experience : 01-02 Year


Requirements :  


Script writers develop scripts derived from their own ideas or other existing ideas or work. When writing scripts, screenwriters are responsible for describing the stories in detail, including physical environments and the moods of the characters. Game require the use of these scripts. Prior to production of a Games, screenwriters might produce a synopsis and several scenes of a story. A Game script is then prepared.

During the preproduction process, screenwriters must take into account the ideas of directors and producers they are working with. They should possess the ability to work and collaborate with others. Screenwriters may be asked to rewrite or make various versions of the scripts they are working on.


Candidates should have excellent English specially in written.

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